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Fixed Implant Dentures

Removable Implant Dentures / Fixed Implant Dentures

Dentures are an arch of prosthetic teeth that are attached to artificial gum tissue that sits over the top of your natural gums. However, the way in which fixed dentures are secured is different from conventional dentures.

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Removable Implant Dentures

When all teeth need to be replaced, there are two options to consider determining what best suits your needs. One of those options is a removable implant denture, commonly known as a “snap-on denture”. Many people refer to this type of replacement as a “snap-on denture” due to the mechanism of attachment to the dental implants that are placed.

Often, traditional dentures require adhesives to secure a denture in place; however, these adhesives and creams tend to need to be replaced throughout the day. Also, if a patient does not have the adequate bone structure to aid with suctioning and retention of a denture, adhesives can prove to be useless. Implant-retained overdentures provide the security of stability and retention of your denture throughout the day without the use of over-the-counter denture adhesives.

The benefits of an overdenture as compared to Fixed Implant Dentures are lower cost, ability to remove the denture to clean, and the ability to enhance facial structures, such as lips and cheeks, in cases of severe bone loss.

Overdentures are a multi-step process and begins with your consultation using advanced imaging and diagnostic clinical examination. Dr. Greenwell will carefully evaluate every individual’s case to determine the proper number of implants that will be necessary to place to increase the overall support of your denture.  Once the dental implants are placed, a 3 to 4 month healing period is allotted to allow for integration of the implants into the surrounding bone. After healing, a support structure, referred to as locators, are attached to the implants. These are what your custom set of overdentures will “snap” onto for a worry-free support and fixation to provide comfort in chewing and speaking.

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Fixed Implant Dentures

The second option for replacement of all teeth is a fixed implant denture. This varies from the removable implant denture since it is non-removable from the implant support structure.

The benefits to a fixed implant denture as compared to a removable implant denture are that they are much closer in contour and feel to natural teeth with less denture material present, they are screwed in, and they eliminate the need to remove the denture leading to less anxiety throughout the day.

Fixed implant dentures can be difficult to clean as they are not removable. However, they do provide the most natural feel to tooth replacement and functionality. Another benefit to our fixed implant dentures is the ability to provide patients with temporary dentures that are implant retained, as well, so that there is a less worry during the healing process.

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